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The Spirit of Giving

An outsider to the teaching profession recently said to me, “It must be a tough job to run a school, even a small one. How do you do it?”
As I contemplated the response, I thought, I don’t. At least not alone.

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors since its inception in 1964, Dublin Community Preschool continues to rely on the spirit of volunteerism to keep costs down and quality high. In addition, we rely on the volunteer efforts of parents and community members to assist staff with a variety of tasks, many of which can be done behind the scenes. Parent volunteer tasks might include helping with the school’s recycling efforts, shopping for classroom supplies, doing laundry, assisting with fundraising efforts, mowing the playground grass or organizing monthly Scholastic book orders. The list goes on.

We have had many wonderful volunteers from the community over the years who have both supported our efforts and allowed us to take our curriculum to another level. They have shared their special talents. Some have come to read to the children, some have planted with us, some have taught Spanish, some have shared their artistic or musical talents. You are all gems who have touched lives by giving amazing gifts to the children of our community. We are always looking for those who have time to share or assist. We invite you all to consider what you might offer. We would love to be able to continue offering Spanish but we don’t know who to ask. We would love to invite musical visitors of any age to share with us. We want the children’s art experiences to be rich. Maybe there is a project you could share. We need organizers to help make our annual art show and fundraiser the best it can be. We need stumps to add to the natural play area we have created. We invite you to be a part of our community school. Please send your thoughts by e-mail to: cathy@dublinpreschool.org.

So, no. I don’t run this school alone. It certainly takes a village. I am merely a facilitator of the effort.

By Cathy Carabello


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